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Unfair trial for Catalan politicians

The perception in Catalonia by independence supporters is that on this trial they are judging not only our representatives, but the over 2 million people who voted in the referendum. This trial is not yet vengeance, but a repressive intent to reprimand, to show how they punish the exercise the right for self-determination of any people within the Spanish state.

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Returning to Catalonia

I know I have not written here for a while, but circumstances and the amazing amount of visitors we have received in the past years into this blog, even though I have not published anything for 2 years, have force... Continue Reading →

The law of independence:

Organization/Publication:    Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència (Catalan Solidarity for Independence) Author: Press department Date:   6th April 2011 Re:      Demonstration in Barcelona 2nd April to support independence declaration. This week a friend from Linkedin at the group Friends of Catalunya posted... Continue Reading →

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