Freedom for Catalonia!


Catalonia’s independence

Catalan independence in times of pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has affected everybody and everything, and it has also frozen the movement for Catalan independence, but just temporarily...

Violence or self-defense?

The words misused to label people who support Catalan independence, have gone from bad to worse. After the last street rebellions happened as a reaction towards repression, now we are labelled as terrorist and violent, but not only by the... Continue Reading →

Festering Spanish Democracy

It is obvious that the Spanish democracy is festering, as politicians of parties like Partido Popular, Ciutadans, PSC/PSOE do not work in favor the people but in favor of themselves.

Unfair trial for Catalan politicians

The perception in Catalonia by independence supporters is that on this trial they are judging not only our representatives, but the over 2 million people who voted in the referendum. This trial is not yet vengeance, but a repressive intent to reprimand, to show how they punish the exercise the right for self-determination of any people within the Spanish state.

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This will end well (or not)

An adaptation of the article written in Catalan by Toni Aira for the newspaper “elMón”. These days there is some kind of collective uncertainty which is natural to the political challenge that we Catalan people have in front of us.... Continue Reading →

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