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11th September 2012 at Barcelona, Catalonia. Dear International community…

Last week, I visited my hometown, Barcelona, to be able to attend to the demonstration that ANC (Assamblea Nacional Catalana- Catalan National Assembly) organized to claim for the independence of my country, Catalonia. By 6 o’clock, almost 2 million people... Continue Reading →

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Catalonia: the future is another country

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InTransit Newsletters: directly in English!

It seems like a new problem, but it isn’t. It is actually an issue that has never been properly resolved between Catalonia and the Spanish State: the fi scal defi cit. The enormous difference between what Catalonia pays the central... Continue Reading →

Catalonia will only be fully understood abroad if it becomes independent from Spain

Matthew Tree: "Catalonia will only be fully understood abroad if it becomes independent from Spain". (Matthew Tree’s book is available in English via online shops with the title ‘Barcelona, Catalonia: A View from the Inside’.) An article published 1st of... Continue Reading →

9 Catalan companies will be in Silicon Valley on 2011!

The Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona , together with Barcelona Activa and other institutions, has initiated a program to help Catalan ICT companies to increase their abroad presence, and become more competitive internationally. Starting this January, 9 Catalan ICT companies... Continue Reading →

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