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The viability of our country

(An adaptation of the article published in and written by Carlen Toronjoy i Manyé from the association Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya) [Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya is an independent non-profit transversal association composed by companies and free professionals that aim... Continue Reading →

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A new state of Europe

Translation of the interview to Joan Canadell, General secretary of the business association “Cercle Català de Negocis” and co-author of the book “Catalonia, state of Europe” (Catalunya, Estat d’Europa). (Written by Alèxia L.Ferret and published in “When Catalonia becomes... Continue Reading →

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A new order is required in the XXI century…

Today 15th of May of 2011, thousands of people went out to the street they do not want to be treated as bulk merchandise in the hands of bankers. The website/organization democraciarealja is the responsible several demonstrations that have taken... Continue Reading →

Catalan language for business


Essay published permanently at  Authors: Xavier Sala-i-Martin, Columbia University and UPF * THIS SCRIPT WAS PREPARED FOR A CONFERENCE AT THE ÒMNIUM CULTURAL * <<Once upon a time, there was a country with a population of 6 million, with... Continue Reading →

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