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Why don’t Catalans defy Spain once and for all? Sooner or later we will have to say NO to Spain… (An adaptation of the opinion article written by Pilar Rahola in La Vanguardia 19th July 2012) I would like to... Continue Reading →

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“The independence of Catalonia is closer than we think”.

 “We will be independent, I don’t know if it will happen in some months or in few years, but it will be soon”.  “We need a well-prepared team of women and men that know how find allies in Europe while... Continue Reading →

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100.000 kW of powerlessness

(A translation of the article written by Víctor Alexandre and published in El Singular 30th May 2012) If the Catalan media would dedicate to our country right to independence, the same attention they have given lately to Esperanza Aguirre -... Continue Reading →

When a democratic aspiration becomes a majority

During the last year, the political and social movement within Catalonia defending our country’s right to self-determination has not lessen but has become stronger and more organized. Despite for one year I have neglected my obligations to this blog and... Continue Reading →

The Secret conflict of Spain: Investigation

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