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Franco’s cultural genocide against Catalonia

“We are like we are because Franco’s dictatorship has made us so”. (An article written by Quim Torra and published at El Singular Digital on October 8th 2012). If in the past centuries, the Spanish used to bomb Barcelona every... Continue Reading →

11th September 2012 Demonstration for Catalonia’s independence

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The Secret conflict of Spain: Investigation

Joan Crexells, a visionary in the XXth century

Joan Crexells was born at the end of the XIX century and studied language, philosophy and other humanities in several universities in Barcelona province. At a very young age he joined Catalan republican intellectual associations, and further on, their political... Continue Reading →

Transition memories: in the open air

AUTHOR: VÍCTOR ALEXANDRE Published at: 17th April 2011 Title: L'Espanya dels catalanistes We should deeply thank Patrícia Gabancho for deciding to publish some of her political life experiences as a Catalan independence activist during 1976-1978 at Catalonia, after  two... Continue Reading →

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