Covid-19 pandemic has affected everybody and everything, and it has also temporarily frozen the movement for Catalan independence. The Spanish state declared state of alarm last 19th March which lasted until end of June, centralizing all decisions and power in the Spanish government and taking out all competences from the autonomic governments, including the Basque country and Catalonia. Now we’ve been barely a month in what the Spanish media and official institutions call “the new normality”, which intentionally ignores the fact that until an effective vaccine is released to pharmaceutical markets, there will be no normality at all.

Obviously the Spanish government with Mrs Pedro Sánchez on front, does not wish to hear about anything related to independence, but this is not now because of the pandemic, before it was the same. Good news is that the Catalan political prisoners have already been granted prison regimes that allow them to go out to work during the day or spend the weekend with their families, but they are still in prison for organizing an independence referendum. While the mega-corrupted and pro-facist old Spanish king “all-father” flies out of the country after fact have exposed the level of corruption he played for decades. And yes, according to the Spanish media, the government and his son, the current king, were well aware he was escaping, maybe to the Dominican Republic, they say.

Rey Juan Carlos deja España en medio de escándalo financiero

The former Borbon king Juan Carlos talking to Mr Pedro Sánchez, current Spanish president, and Mr Felipe González, former Spanish president.

This is critical news that favor independence movements in Spain, both the Catalan and the Basque, because if the Spanish monarchy is in jeopardy, doors can open for a referendum sooner than we expected.

Unfortunately, in times of covid-19 pandemic, everything gets delayed, because right now preserving the life and health of human beings is more important. But that does not mean the Catalan movement for independence is dead. Not at all. It’s just rebuilding strategy: all parties are going through a process of renewal, with new people and a new roadmap for success. The only problem is that only them know it. We common Catalan citizens who believe and support independence are left without much information on what is going to be done to achieve independence. What is the plan of Mr Torra and Mr Puigdemont? Just a couple of weeks ago the current president of Catalonia Mr Quim Torra declared in the Catalan parliament that he intended to organize another referendum. Awesome! But how? and how are you going to involve all the people we need to get it done and, most importantly, win it!

Mr Quim Torra, current President of Generalitat of Catalonia

Yes we all understand some part of the plan must be kept secret from the public eye, but if you fail to engage your regular supporters and get the support of those who are not really convinced, how will you get it done? Let me remind all Catalan politicians that the independence of a new country, our new Catalonia, will be only achieved if we act altogether as one nation. And that means further than the political representatives. That involves everybody Catalan!

Let’s hope that after this corona-virus issue comes to a less concerning phase and then I pray we will see that Catalan movement for independence resurface to succeed.