The words misused to label people who support Catalan independence, have gone from bad to worse. After the last street rebellions happened as a reaction towards repression, now we are labelled as terrorist and violent, but not only by the Spanish media, but by the police and the courts too… Over 100 people have been arrested during the last weeks demonstrations and protest all over Catalonia, even without proofs they were instigating any violence in the streets.

Protesters gather at Barcelona's airport, after a verdict in a trial over a banned independence referendum
Protesters gather at Barcelona’s airport, after a verdict in a trial over a banned independence referendum, Spain, October 14, 2019. REUTERS/Juan Medina – RC1330E7CA00

The horrible unfair sentence of the Spanish court against Catalan elected politicians and activists, has moved some people deep inside, to the core of their values as individuals. gum ball eye outAnd when they went out to the streets to demonstrate they found the same police that hit them when trying to vote in the 1st October 2017 referendum, this time to avoid their demonstration. The Spanish government is using force to repress a voting process and to repress pacific demonstrations, attacking violently demonstrators. 4 people have lost an eye due to gum ball shootings by the Spanish police.

Protest at Barcelona in front of Spanish police building, before the police started to charge against them without reason. Below what happened minutes later…

In the last few weeks, the Spanish government has ordered the closing of several email accounts, twitter, websites, some owned by the organization Tsunami Democratic, without any proof that this organization had done nothing but asking people to go out to the streets and protest pacifically. The same government “under the rule of law” that has condemned to over 10 years prison two Catalan activists and several elected Catalan representatives for trying to organize a referendum and demonstrations pacifically in 2017.


This week the Spanish king has visited in Barcelona and there have been several protests against him, and not only from independence supporters, but all types of people against Spanish monarchy. To the point that the Spanish king and his family had to enter from the back door to the Palau de congressos of Barcelona,where the “Girona Princess” cultural awards were being celebrated, since the major of Girona declared the king and his family persona non-grata and thus they are not welcome in the north Catalan capital anymore.

Also this week, Isabel Allende the world renowned Chilean writer, member of the American and Arts Language Academy since 2004 and author of the famous novel EVA LUNA, is visiting Barcelona recently to receive the Barcino award given by the town-hall of Barcelona.

isabel allendeDuring an interview with the ACN (Catalan News Agency), she was asked about the protest happening in Catalonia these days in comparison to what is happening in Lima lately, as well as in Hong Kong, Ecuador and other countries. She believes these are all discomfort outbreaks that will take our societies to positive and fundamental changes promoted by the new generations. I agree people are literally fed up of repression by the ones in power, and what is happening may be needed to as a self-defense against police abuse, ordered by corrupted politicians who are using public institutions in their own advantage and not to protect the people as they should.