Many unwise voices keep shouting that independence movement in Catalonia is dead or about to be, yet despite those DOA misperceptions, last elections on the 28th of April for the Spanish parliament proved that there is a clear majority of voters in Catalonia who still support independence.


In Catalonia, with a 77.5% of participation, (over 4 million voters), pro-independence parties obtained 22 seats in the Spanish parliament, and if we add the 7 of the left wing party in favor of at least a referendum, that means in total 29 seats of the 48 Catalonia holds in the Spanish parliament. Which obviously involves a clear majority,  around 2,5 million of Catalan people.

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Now we are facing local elections as well as European Parliament elections. Polls seem to confirm this upwards trend of independence supporters, backed-up by the horrifying fact that most of the representatives of the Catalan government elected before and after the referendum took place are unfairly still in jail or exile for having allowed such consultation.

Under this strange atmosphere, where most Spanish believe Catalan independence movement is gone, since this is what Spanish media is advertising, independence supporters are significantly increasing, as it was proved in the Spanish general elections and the Chamber of commerce of Barcelona board election, also won by the pro-independence parties.

Furthermore, the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) has published a new roadmap towards independence. They have stated that if in the next elections for the Catalan Parliament, there is a clear majority of voters and seats that support independence, they will urge the new government to declare independence unilaterally.

Foto-Full-de-Ruta-AGO-2019-Tarragona-1024x682This time, they say, no symbolic declarations will be accepted, it must be effective independence. However it is clear that the Spanish government is not willing to even talk about a proper referendum, and even less about independence, and are using force and law unfairly towards Catalan people. In the US people are wondering what does Mr. Trump have to do in order to lose supporters? He can do terrible things, but nobody dares to take him down… Here is the same, what must the Spanish government do so that even Spanish people realize how rotten and corrupted their government is? In the meantime, and according to official polls, independence supporters have increase one point in the last quarter and there is already a 78% of Catalan people actively supporting another referendum.

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Will Barcelona city be won by Mrs Colau again or will pro-independence parties take over?