Author: Víctor Alexandre, original published in El Singular, March 2013

I don’t know if anybody has decided to count the times that the heralds of Spanish nationalism, both from the left and right wings, have announced the process of Catalonia towards independence is dead. The declarations are endless. Indeed in the last few months they have intensified their campaign about it and now they say it every day, though before last 11th September they did say the same and still there were almost 2 million people in the human V built in the streets of Barcelona.

Here few of those declarations, with Alicia Sánchez-Camacho as one of the main messengers:

  • José Apezarena, editor del Confidencial Digital, 26/1/2015: “The Catalan process is dead”
  • Alícia Sánchez-Camacho, 29/1/2015: “The Catalan process is deadly hurt”
  • Joan Tapia, 4/3/2015: “Catalan independence movement is fading away”
  • Alícia Sánchez-Camacho, 14/3/2015: “the Catalan process is dying”
  • Alícia Sánchez-Camacho, 14/3/2015: “The process towards independence is wiped-out”
  • Mariano Rajoy, 16/3/2015: “Now things have calm down compared to one year ago, and in one more year, they will still be even quieter”.
  • Alícia Sánchez-Camacho, 16/3/2015: “Catalans are tired of independence and want to move on”
  • José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, 17/3/2015:“The movement for Catalan independence is badly affected; it has no room in the European project”.

As you can see, they do not realize what a flagrant contradiction it means to announce the death of something and later on say it is dying or getting worse. If the process is dead, how come it has gotten worse? If the process was already dead last year, why saying it is still dying? So that means it came alive again, but now it is about to die, again? And when being calm was ever a symptom of dying or fading away? Is it not a prelude of a storm, when things are too still? Is that why they are panicking so much? Nevertheless, these people invest a tremendous amount of effort, time and money in talking on all the media about something they apparently consider absolutely dead, thus it should not be a threat, if it’s dead, why are they still fighting it back? I wonder they must be feeling like living with a poltergeist, since such dead process is frightening them all so much. They must be truly scared about this dead process if it causes such reaction in the line of the Spanish democratic illiterate soldiers. Their fear explains it all: they are horrified not about dead processes, but about living people voting yes for independence next 27th September and finishing over 300 years of Spanish oppression.

Their message it’s just an expression of their own desire. A hilarious desire full of fatuity and precisely directed to the same people emitting it. Let’s explain it better: they are telling themselves the same all the time in order to desperately motivate themselves: “Don’t be scared”, they tell each other, “the people promoting independence are tired, their movement it’s over, gone, it’s dying, is dead…” And the more they tell themselves, the more they put in evidence the need to confuse their desires with reality and the more they show their weaknesses. Let them speak, let them say our cause is dead. Because next September elections are closer, and then they will see the strength, vitality, conviction and determination of Catalan people and our process towards independence.