I know I have not written here for a while, but circumstances and the amazing amount of visitors we have received in the past years into this blog, even though I have not published anything for 2 years, have force me into writing here again. First of all I would like to thank everybody who has visited my blog ever. I am astonished of the amount of different countries from my audience despite not being active for such long period.

On the other hand, after more than 5 years of living in the Netherlands, I finally decided last winter to move back to Barcelona. Now I can speak to you from a totally different perspective, from the inside. I must admit at the beginning I was a bit disappointed to see that most people are doubting so much it is possible that Catalonia becomes an independent country. I found myself in front of fearful people easily manipulated by politicized media. People who cannot distinguish what is true, because they are ignorant, who don’t accept evidence because they have been brainwashed.

Furthermore, I find that I cannot speak openly about anything related to independence with anybody I don’t know shares the same opinion. So nobody speaks about it openly and when you do, if you do not share their opinion, they tell you they do not want to talk about it with you. There is no “we agree to disagree”. Just one “let’s not talk about politics if we want to be friends”.

Upon arrival, I was desolated with this landscape. So I did my best to fight negativity and joined a meeting from ANC (Associació Nacional Catalana per la independència), in Vilassar de Mar last March. The purpose of the meeting is that each participant would bring in a person doubting about if Catalonia should be independent from Spain. So altogether with the help of Carme Forcadell, president until then of ANC, could expose them the benefits of voting for YES, independence. However, when I turned around and I heard people talking just before the conference started, I realized everybody was a true supporter of our independence. Despite most of us tried to convince others to join us in that event to learn the benefits about separating from Spain, they all avoided to come or even to talk about it. Especially those who were more doubtful about it, they did not want such a headache… Yes, they realize things need to change but….they will not do anything about it.


“If only the 2 million independents believers could convince 1 Catalan person that is doubtful into voting yes for independence on the plebiscite elections coming up the 27th September, we would have enough voters to support it.” That is what Carme Forcadell told us was our homework, to convince one other person, only 1, everyone of us and duplicate the numbers.

I myself have been trying desperately to convince, but I get the usual reaction of avoiding the topic and never get a real chance for a serious conversation about Catalonia’s independence except for the people who believe in it already.

Anyway, I do not give up,  I have supporting evidences which I refer to again and again. I am determined to open the eyes of anybody who is blinded by demagogy.

Because on the night of September 27th I want to see a 62% of Yes from Catalan voters. Because I want the Catalan parliament to declare independence with those figures the following day after elections. This is our moment. Our process has already started and we must be brave, we are prepared, we can do this together. We can be free and break the chains from the Spanish government once and for all, chains that slave Catalan people for over 300 years. Freedom for Catalonia!