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May 2015

Pseudo-democràcia a Cabrera de mar

(You can find the English translation in the next post) En ple procés cap a la independència, ahir a Cabrera de mar no em van permetre votar a les eleccions municipals. El registre de cens per les eleccions es va... Continue Reading →

Pseudo democracy in Cabrera de mar

Yesterday, in the middle of the process towards Catalan independence, I was denied my right to vote in the municipal elections at Cabrera de Mar, in Catalonia. The census for the elections was closed according to them 6 months ago... Continue Reading →

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If the process towards independence is dead, why are some people so terrified?

Author: Víctor Alexandre, original published in El Singular, March 2013 I don't know if anybody has decided to count the times that the heralds of Spanish nationalism, both from the left and right wings, have announced the process of Catalonia... Continue Reading →

Returning to Catalonia

I know I have not written here for a while, but circumstances and the amazing amount of visitors we have received in the past years into this blog, even though I have not published anything for 2 years, have force... Continue Reading →

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