Alfons López Tena, leader of Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència, has finally made public a letter taking full responsibility of the defeat experienced in the elections held last November 25th to Tena's letterchoose a new parliament in Catalonia. I post the translation of this letter with as much sadness as he wrote it, hoping he will have the chance to be back to the fight for independence very soon. Our country needs people like him, who was the first ones to lose fear to tell the truth and courageously defend Catalonia’s independence from inside the parliament, something nobody had ever dared to do during the 37 years of  democracy our country has foolishly enjoyed since Franco died on 1975.

Dear compatriots,

The people of Catalonia have voted in these elections in terms of independence. Even although they have chosen political options that do not guarantee the execution of a clear plan towards self-determination, yet Catalan people have voted yes to independence. The desire of independence has made people to vote with the aim to obtain stability, though this process itself is unstable; but it is indeed a delusion to find that stability in electoral proposals which are more traditional, since the elected political parties are, like the priest of ancient Egypt, too dependent on the current system (directly, indirectly or both) and prefer playing rhetorics than taking proper action.

The analysis of which political parties have been voted (and where, when, why and for what) differs with the electoral behavior of those countries that effectively choose independence as an immediate political project, instead of just desiring it. However, it is also true that for the first time, the expression of this desire has been strong enough to focus the political debate of all parties. It is obvious now that this yearning for independence is quite alive within Catalan voters, in spite the parties that have been elected may be doubtfully supporting it. From now on, we all own the tasks to remind those parties that they used the topic Catalonia’s independence in their electoral campaign, as a slogan or as a metaphor, because now they will have to fulfill the expectations they have themselves created. In politics, words are compromises, and compromises must be fulfilled. Even in Catalonia.

You can imagine that I am writing these lines with sadness: frankly speaking I believe the result for our party, Solidaritat, is an added obstacle in a road that is not and will not be easy. At the end of the day, the principles and proposals we defend today will now be absent in the parliament, and that means independence has not yet won. Thus, I believe our party is still necessary, as much as I believed so the day before elections.

We are actually indispensable: the sole existence of our party, and the constancy and perseverance of our women and men that have worked hard for the last two years, has already helped to pull the strings and shake political structures that seemed blocking the evolution of our own people. Everybody likes being the winner, yet nobody claims custody for a defeat. But not here, not in Solidaritat. I take full responsibility of our defeat and I now start a period of reflection. The presence of our party in Catalonia is more important than ever before, since the project towards independence must be carried out any way, but this time Solidaritat has no seats in the parliament. That is why I must step aside. You can count on me and I will be there for you, in the party management or wherever you want, if that is what you want. I can only add that I will always be loyal to the service of the people of Catalonia. Visca Catalunya lliure!

Freedom for Catalonia!

Alfons López Tena

Mr López Tena in his parliament seat on September 2011, when he asked the president of Catalonia how he was going to defend our people from the Spanish aggressions.
Mr López Tena in his parliament seat on September 2011, when he asked the president of Catalonia how he was going to defend our people from the Spanish aggressions.