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December 2012

The viability of our country

(An adaptation of the article published in and written by Carlen Toronjoy i Manyé from the association Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya) [Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya is an independent non-profit transversal association composed by companies and free professionals that aim... Continue Reading →

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Mr Wert’s power

(Adaptation of the article published in El País 12th December 2012 and written by Antonio Gutiérrez Rubí) The Spanish minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Mr. Jose Ignacio Wert Ortega has finally approved a law for “hispanizing” Catalan people on... Continue Reading →

Dear Catalan compatriots,

Alfons López Tena, leader of Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència, has finally made public a letter taking full responsibility of the defeat experienced in the elections held last November 25th to choose a new parliament in Catalonia. I post the... Continue Reading →

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