In view of the coming elections for the parliament of Catalonia next November 25th, Catalan labor unions followed the general strike yesterday: more than 100.000 people in Barcelona city demonstrated last afternoon, as the massive strike was followed by all industries but also by transport and commerce.

The strike had also a massive participation to a European level, and many cities of the Mediterranean witnessed street battles break-outs. It has been declared the biggest coordinated EU strike ever, with the purpose of letting our governments know that workers in Europe are complaining about the current labor systems consistently.

However, in Catalonia, this general strike taking place few days before the parliament elections is also seen as a symptom that the Catalan society is close to independence declaration. It is not the first time in the past centuries that Catalan companies decide to go on general strike to complain to the Spanish government. But this time, the strike is embedded in a bigger European picture, but we are hoping this will contribute to the  intention of internationalizing our conflict.

Never before in the history of the last 300 years of repression, had Catalonia encountered more favorable international conditions that would support our self-determination. At this moment of human history, we live in a world where there are organizations like United Nations, European Community which promote democracy in the world and openly support the Declaration of Human Rights. Never before in the history of any human civilization there was such a letter supported and defended by so many nations around the globe.

In this new era we are starting, absolutism and imperialism must be eradicated. The Spanish government and some part of its society are adopting, unfortunately, an obsolete and yet damaging approach towards the possibility of seeing the Basque and Catalan nations become independent states in this early 21st century.

Next November 25th many Catalan people around the world will go to the Spanish consulates to vote, while abroad non-residents will be posting their votes before the 21st. In many countries we have experienced how the Spanish institutions both in and out of Spain and Catalonia would put as much obstacles as possible to Catalan citizens for being able to actually vote. It is pitiful to see  that the only way the Spanish try to stop this process is by cheating and corrupting the election procedures.

Nevertheless, I have had the pleasure to see that many Catalans in foreign countries have done whatever necessary to be able to exercise their right to vote this time. Therefore, we are expecting these elections will have a higher participation than forecasted. The motivation of Catalan people to make our parliamentary panorama change drastically will for sure be shown in the results.  Ideally, the new parliament would have major presence of pro-independent parties, making possible the organization of an official referendum for independence during the next two years.