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November 2012

Catalonia votes: Referendum YES!

Last Sunday November 25th Catalan people finally voted in the plebiscite elections held to choose the members of the parliament of Catalonia. Despite the party I followed (SI with my favorite trio Mr. Alfons Lopez Tena, Uriel Beltran and Toni... Continue Reading →

A new state of Europe

Translation of the interview to Joan Canadell, General secretary of the business association “Cercle Català de Negocis” and co-author of the book “Catalonia, state of Europe” (Catalunya, Estat d’Europa). (Written by Alèxia L.Ferret and published in “When Catalonia becomes... Continue Reading →

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How to declare independence?

 (An adaptation of the article written by H.López Bofill on September 19th at the newspaper El Punt-Avui). "Secession from Spain will probably require a break-up action by declaring independence in the parliament with a wide democratic support." One of the... Continue Reading →

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Catalans in the world to vote for independence!

In view of the coming elections for the parliament of Catalonia next November 25th, Catalan labor unions followed the general strike yesterday: more than 100.000 people in Barcelona city demonstrated last afternoon, as the massive strike was followed by all... Continue Reading →

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Franco’s cultural genocide against Catalonia

“We are like we are because Franco’s dictatorship has made us so”. (An article written by Quim Torra and published at El Singular Digital on October 8th 2012). If in the past centuries, the Spanish used to bomb Barcelona every... Continue Reading →

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