(A translation of the article written by Alfons López Tena and published in the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”)

Mr López Tena is the leader of SI party (Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència) defending above all the right of the Catalan people for self-determination.

After one year and a half of prolonging the issue as per Convergència party convenience, last Wednesday the Catalan Parliament gave birth to a ridiculous “tax agreement” proposal, which is far away of the economic accord our country needs. It does not ensure that we can have the money in the safe box, and it was only supported by one only socialist deputy aside of the people from CIU, ERC, ICV-EUiA and a deserter. It is the 6th “tax agreement” that a Catalan government tries to negotiate with Spain, in addition to two new statues of autonomy. So now 2 things can happen:

1.-That Spain accepts this 6th tax agreement proposal. Even although in the supposition that Spain would fulfill its obligations to the agreement, something without precedents so far, it would be a total failure and it would confirm the sentence of Mr. Sala i Martín in regards to the two unique universal laws: the speed of light and that after every tax agreement Spain continues plundering Catalonia borrowing between an 8 and a 10% of our GDP yearly.

2.-Spain does not accept the tax agreement and offers few minimal fixes to the LOFCA (Llei Orgànica de Finançament de les Comunitats Autònomes – Law for the tax distribution within the Spanish regions), as it happened with the five previous fiscal agreement proposals, so the Spanish government would continue to plunder Catalonia systematically, as usual.

However, today there is a difference: those defending the 6th tax agreement proposal did clearly and openly collapse. Nobody, not even Mr. Artur Mas himself, our current president, could believe in his words when he declared it was a “historical day”. The truth is there was nobody celebrating anything as nobody in the Catalan parliament gave a sign of believing that this is taking us anywhere. He floated within boredom and repetition, from useless promises to go in circles again and again without any positive result: the same they did with the statue of autonomy and the previous tax agreement proposal, defined by the socialist MP Mr. Miquel Iceta as “stratospherical” for overcoming the four previous agreements. But let’s not forget that each and every one of those proposals was believed to be, at the moment of their conception, the “best tax agreement ever”. Defenders of autonomy cannot dare to conceal this evident failure with more lies; they have done that too many times.

Despite the bad propaganda generated by the Spanish media, Catalan people do not believe in the politic lies about the statue of autonomy of our country within the Spanish state anymore, and neither they can believe that anything good can be achieved being part of Spain.  According to a poll done by TV3 (Catalan TV), 70% of the Catalan population polled  believes the voting in the parliament for the tax agreement is pointless, while even those who promoted the idea admit it will never be approved, but that it is indispensable to do this step in order to obtain another frustration.

This is enough. Catalan people do not need more frustration, we need results; we do not need more castles in the air, but to start battles we can win, by encouraging those who can really fight for us. We do not need a government and political parties who are irresponsible and do nothing to stop the plundering exercised by the Spanish state which is destroying our country. However our main political parties keep pushing for agreements full of smoke, frustration and failure. We, Catalan people, need hope and trust in a better future; we need the pride and dignity of victory. We must start now the road to independence, and make it happen defeating Spain democratically. There is no possible future project for our people but independence: or we surrender and keep being submitted to Spain, or we fight to be free from it because there is nothing good in staying.

Marx used to say history always repeats itself, first time it is lived as a tragedy, but the second as a farce. With the latest statue of autonomy we lived the tragedy and now with this tax agreement we are only seeing the mockery displayed by a group of corrupted politicians who betray their country paying the invader while they impose budget cuts to their own people and cause more suffering due to their inefficiency, cowardice and cynicism. Nobody will thank them for this: if Spain wins, they will not praise the traitors. And if Catalonia wins, their own people will spit out on their memory.

“Do not believe in what politicians preach, not even us, you should only value what they do, and so you will know who to vote. Do not let others fool you, the people of Catalonia are the legitimate owners of our country and politicians should only be working to the service of our country; thus if they lie they should be fired.”