Last week, I visited my hometown, Barcelona, to be able to attend to the demonstration that ANC (Assamblea Nacional Catalana- Catalan National Assembly) organized to claim for the independence of my country, Catalonia. By 6 o’clock, almost 2 million people populated the streets of Barcelona city center while tourist stopped taking pictures of Casa Batlló and La Pedrera to photograph the crowd wearing our dearest flag.

Don’t you realize now our country is crying for freedom? How come I find so many people over the world who are openly supporting Kosovo’s freedom or understand that Scottish are not British, but they keep asking me what is the difference between being Spanish and being Catalan?  And for those Europeans who are becoming concerned about the economic situation of the Spanish estate, would not you prefer that Catalonia would pay directly to Europe?

If you understood that imperialism and colonialism stopped long ago and nations like the United Stated of America, Canada, Iceland, Finland, Israel, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, and many others, could become free and independent to the eyes of the world, why not Catalonia? Why today I still hear, but Catalonia is Spain…?? IT IS NOT. We have been a nation for more than 1000 years and we want our independence back, especially now in a moment of history when the people of the world are more ready to understand, when even most of the Spanish people are seeing how their corrupted politicians miss-manage their country and the countries of others… Did you know that our education and healthcare system are also started to worsen due to the cut of governmental subventions, which were mostly directed to pay salaries? More than 3000 teachers were fired last month. More than 50 hospitals won’t be able to pay salaries from January 2013. Or did you know that before 1714 the Kingdom of Aragon and Catalonia was considered a country worldwide composed by Catalunya, Aragó, Roselló, Provença, València, Castelló, Andorra, Mallorca, Menorca, Eïvissa, Sardenya, Sicília…??

In the last century,  the international community agreed to sign the Declaration of Human Rights and founded organizations like United Nations and European Community. And Spain is member of both of them, despite their constitution contains clauses which are invalidated by important principles the members of those organizations needed to commit to. Like for example, as UNO members, Spain must recognize the right of every nation for self-determination. But no nation has ever become independent from Spain without war…Not until now, because we, Catalan people, want to be free through a democratic process.

For the last 300 years, this is the first time Catalonia can go to the streets shouting loud for independence without fear of the Spanish sending the army or the police against us. We have gone through several wars, various absolutist kings, a couple of dictators, and a tough cold war against our culture, values and language, while we have been economically plundered. This is enough! We want to decide for ourselves! We want to be free!