The Spanish Home Office Minister, Mr Fernández Díaz, declares against Catalonia

(A translation of the article “La interdepèndencia de Fenández Díaz” written by Víctor Alexandre and published in El Singular 26th June 2012)

Honestly, I must say I find hilarious the last declarations from the Spanish Home Office Minister against the independence of Catalonia. And I say hilarious because these statements put in evidence two important questions which are positive for our country. The first one is that the anxiety of the Spanish government towards our independence is growing as fast as the Catalan movement for self-determination is spreading in our country. And the second question is that the Spanish nationalism is unable to generate any consistent argument supporting their totalitarianism theories. In fact, Mr Fernández Díaz is just speaking the same non-sense, again, though this time he changes the context a little, he uses the economic recession and the instability in Greece:

«People talk about the risk prime at bars. Nothing like this had ever happened before. We live in a world where there is no room for independence. Now it is the moment of “inter-dependences” and the “we-alone”’ approaches are obsolete. Catalonia should have that clear. The Greek elections are strategically important even for the USA, which proves the world tends to be more inter-dependent.»

Like usual, nothing new under the sun…It is indeed the same old song of 30 years ago, but this time enhanced with particles today’s news, so it sounds different. Mr. Fernández Díaz must be thinking everybody is a fool, and one must be a fool, indeed, to believe in those shameful syllogisms. To start with, he is saying that the Greek recession and the EU rescue show the world is inter-dependent and, therefore, Catalonia cannot be independent. That means Catalan people need to follow the Greek example? And not the example of Austria, Sweden, Belgium or the United Kingdom; even although if Catalonia would be independent our GBP would be superior to all those countries? Very interesting…and yet it lights up another question in my mind: does this mean that independence made sense before the economy of Greece collapsed? Or that only Greece is approving or rejecting the right of any nation for self-determination? Sorry, I am afraid I got all mixed up here…

And Spain? What is Spain deciding in front of such crisis? What benefits are for the Catalan people to be part of Spain? Is it a benefit to be looted under permanent coercion? Or to have our rights and our language constantly threaten? Or to accept our national identity is annihilated, along with the misappropriation of international rights in the areas of art, science, philosophy, industry, commerce, communication, politics or sports?

Batlló house, work of the Catalan architect Gaudí

According to Mr. Fernández Díaz “ the “we-alone” approaches are obsolete” and “this is not the moment for independence”, however Spain does not renounce the self-determination they enjoy now, correct? Of course, I can already imagine his reply, something like Spain is independent but only to a certain extent, because the EC is monitoring closely and they do not have the same power of decision anymore.  Which is somehow true, but still it is just a fallacy trying to make us believe that Spain current “dependence” is caused by the EU policies rather than to the corruption installed within the Spanish government, as everybody knows.
Therefore, if Catalonia’s independence is not happening yet is only due to a lack of assertiveness and not because we lack economic resources: if we can sustain a country with 40 million inhabitants like Spain, it is certain we could better sustain an independent Catalonia of 7 and a half million population. So it is quite obvious that declaring independence would immediately put to an end the Spanish robbery, allow us to handle our own resources, reduce unemployment rate significantly,- which has already reached 750 thousand people affected in Catalonia-, stop the dismantling of basic services in Healthcare and Education…Catalonia can only overcome this crisis with full power of decision on how to best manage our resources in all areas and being recognized as a state with full attributes in front of the international community and the United Nations.

Finally, I would like to point out a couple of things to the Spanish Minister. First one: please note that Catalonia would be happy only to enjoy the same type of self-determination Spain already has. I mean, even if he and his conservative party colleagues want to call it “inter-dependence”, still that is better than what we have.  We would love to be as “inter-dependent” as the Spanish state is from the rest of the world. But they can be in their country, and we will be in ours, and we can all then celebrate universal solidarity. Second: if it’s true, as Mr Fernandez Díaz says, that states are disappearing in the world, how can he explain the number of countries is constantly increasing year after year? If independence is useless and makes no sense nowadays, like he declares, how come there is not a single state in the world willing to give up their sovereignty and become a nation without state?