“In Spain, the phobia towards Catalonia (“Catalanophobia”) supports and promotes power abuse, aggressions, torture, threats and racist messages”.

(An adaptation of the opinion article published in El Singular June 6th and written by Víctor Alexandre)

Spain likes showing off how extremely violent their phobia  towards Catalonia can be and yet remain unpunished. One clear example is how policemen assaulted both verbally and physically some of the Catalan viewers attending the match between Barça and Athletic de Bilbao in Madrid’s Vicente Calderon stadium last May 25th.

Please do not forget that the only reason of their attack was that some fans were wearing a Catalan starred flag symbolizing independence, and the policemen were screaming things like: “You, Catalan. You will never see this flag again! Look how we hit the “polish” people*! I will break your arm so you cannot raise this flag ever again! Come on! Try to raise it now, you shitty Catalan!” Though many traitors in our country enjoy with morbid pleasure to minimize the impact of such offenses, it is simple to see that this hatred towards Catalans is pure racism, you just have to change the subject of the sentences above for Niger, Jewish or Muslim, then it becomes terribly obvious.

Needless to say, something like this would have never been possible if the phobia Spanish people feel towards Catalonia (“Catalanophobia”) would not have become somehow transverse, which ultimately supports and promotes power abuse, aggressions, torture, threats and racist messages. This explains why the Spanish police felt strong to misbehave in such a way. First of all, and taking care they would not be too noticed,  policemen would take the viewer out to the corridors with more or less good manners, but only to handcuff and later to start attacking the person. They are so brave, these policemen, that they never go alone: they like thrashing others, yes, but in group, altogether, and they like to show the same enraged hate as racist people do; they like torturing others like an obsessed psychopath would, only to drink the victim’s blood; they beat people up only to humiliate them, just to enjoy listening to the hopeless cries of their victims, so they can get sexually excited. Alas, these are their true motives, since they are powerless, both physically and intellectually, and this is the only way they can prove themselves stronger.

In 2004, the Spanish National Court accused of terrorism to a 14-year-old Catalan boy because, who dared asking a supermarket to label their products in Catalan too. But in 2012, the same institution is leaving unpunished the death threats and the “Catalanophobic” racist messages sent by thousands of Spanish people who emailed the president of Madrid province asking her to put a bomb in Calderon stadium so they could annihilate all Catalan and Basque soccer fans attending the match; or to shoot them down, or to burn them to death, or to close them in a gas chamber so all of them would be exterminated.

Unfortunately, Spanish people consider an act of terrorism an email to a supermarket chain stating “Please translate your website and label your products in Catalan as well as in Spanish, this is an issue of equal rights. Please respect our nation”. However, this other types of emails were totally accepted: “I am free, and so I will put a bomb in Calderon stadium the day of the match. Freedom of doing”; or “Put a bomb there, please, and I hope all Catalan people die there: girls, children and pregnant women, all of them should die, none should be left alive”.

Mrs. Cristina Cifuentes, delegate of the Spanish government in Catalonia at Madrid (isn’t it funny that the Spanish state has delegates of its government in its own country?) has requested to the president of Catalonia, Mr. Artur Mas, he should publicly ask for forgiveness for the booing by the soccer final  audience towards Mrs. Esperanza Aguirre, the old-fashioned pro-Franco president of Madrid province. Mrs. Cifuentes did not care that Mrs. Aguirre tried to forbid all audience in that match. Furthermore, she has not requested Mrs. Aguirre to apologize for the insulting phrases the “Falange” fascist demonstrators used against Catalonia the same the day of the soccer finale. Nor the Minister of Home Office neither the Public Prosecutors office representatives apologized for the torture and aggressions displayed against Catalans by the Spanish police. Yet, the most exciting and interesting side in all this situation is to realize that, in order to last, a state like Spain needs full impunity on this type of actions. Spanish people need to repress everything, so they can impose their ideas. They need to outrage, torture and insult only to intimidate dissented people. They need to kill all the other languages, so everybody speaks only Spanish. Spain is a putrefied estate that is walking relentlessly towards its complete disintegration.

El Singular, 5/6/2012

*During Franco times, his fascist followers liked to use the term Polish instead of Catalan, as a sign of humiliation towards Catalan people; like the Nazis treated the Polish people during the invasion in Hitler times. This term is still used as pejorative towards Catalonia and Catalan people.

Writer and reporter, Victor Alexandre has directed and moderated programs at Radio 4 in Barcelona, he also worked as correspondent in Germany for the Catalan newspaper Avui and the weekly magazine El Temps and Cadena SER. Among his works we can find titles like Jo no sóc espanyol (I am not Spanish-1999), Despullant Espanya (Undressing Spain-2001- ), El cas Carod (The case of Mr Carod-2004- ), El somriure de Burt Lancaster (Burt Lancaster smile-2005- ) and in 2010 he published the book Una història immoral (An immoral story). This year he has published his last book Cor de brau (“Brave Heart”). He is also devoted now to write opinion essays and articles denouncing the mistreatment  towards Catalonia and our people by the Spanish estate. In this article, he takes the chance to openly accuse Spanish institutions to leave unpunished the insults and attacks displayed by the Spanish police towards Catalan fans in the football match finale of  Copa del Rey last May 25th.