Today 15th of May of 2011, thousands of people went out to the street they do not want to be treated as bulk merchandise in the hands of bankers. The website/organization democraciarealja is the responsible several demonstrations that have taken place today along Catalan territory, the biggest one in Barcelona.

5000 people demonstrated in Barcelona today

This happens the same week when the European Union has instructed the Spanish government to take further measures to fulfill the current deficit. According to the EU, the Spanish deficit will involve the 6,3% of its total GDP in 2011 and a 5,3% of its GDP in 2012. The EU forecasted figures are higher than the ones foreseen by the inefficient Spanish administration.

It is very important to remark that most of the media also stated that the EU pointed out that fulfilling these figures would much depend on the regional governments fulfilling objectives. I myself read that new in AVUI newspapers too, and by chance I decided to scroll down and found among others a very interesting comment about this new from Mr. Manel Santiago… He stated that taking the declaration of the EU this week, the Spanish administration should decide to support those regions/nations which are truly capable to produce higher revenues, like Catalonia. Indeed, supporting what it’s called PIMEs (Petites i Mitjanes Empreses-Small and medium size companies), which keep our markets productive and flexible, is absolutely necessary to properly reactivate an economy that is striving to survive.

But in order to truly make the economy richer, it is mandatory to support the establishment of abroad partnerships with international companies and entities which are interested in developing or producing in the Mediterranean. Better fiscal conditions for foreign companies that need to have a strategic site in the Mediterranean markets. Catalonia used to be considered a strategic location for developing business not only int he Iberian Peninsula, but as a catapult to the rest of the Mediterranean and with it, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Demonstration in Barcelona

However reality strikes and these days, due to price increase and detrimental fiscal conditions, most of multinationals had to leave Catalonia looking for shelter in their native countries or wherever they were more economically welcomed. Revelant industry shows left the capital Barcelona during 2008 and 2009, to go to cheaper locations, curiously to North Europe, which has become cheaper in some ways than the province of Barcelona.

The Spanish government keeps oppressing PIMES around the state, but especially in Catalonia, where the fiscal conditions have become so tough than most companies have decided to open little offices in Madrid to benefit of Madrid fiscal conditions, or even abroad, like in Belgium. Is it that Spanish plan to relocate Catalan power and capital out of our nation, to make it weaker? And further on, bankers and politicians go on squeezing people, while the Spanish administration continues to generate more unemployment and more misery.

Declaring independence is seen now as a definitive solution by the Catalan people in order to put a stop to the current problematic and start from new.  Yet the current political élite from Catalonia is still interested in being a region of Spain (traitors!); no matter what, while they are still corrupted by the Spanish, independence will always find a wall.