Barcelona becomes first cruise ship port in Europe and the Mediterranean Sea

Published at Catalan News Agency 18th April 2011 / Ignacio Portela Giráldez

The Liberty of the Seas a true floating town anchored at Barcelona port

Barcelona (ACN).- Step by step, Barcelona is becoming an important port of call for cruise ships from all over the world, and it is already the main stop off point in Europe and the Mediterranean Sea. In 2010, 2,350,000 passengers used the port’s facilities:an increase of 9% on 2009 figures. These numbers show that Barcelona has becomeEurope’s first cruise ship port,and also the fourth docking port in the world. Catalonia also has other ports where cruise ships stop:Tarragona, Palamós and Roses. 2011 could also be a record year for Palamós, the small harbour on the Costa Brava. Around 40 cruise ships are expected to harbour there this year.”