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The Vice-President of Economy from the Spanish government, Elena Salgado,declared yesterday while visiting Washington to TV3 (Catalan national TV)  that their administration has no legal obligation now to pay  the 1.450 milion Euros agreed funds for competitiveness to Catalonia. According to her, this amount of money is not to be payable until the end of 2013.  Further on, Salgado even dared to declare that they are not even sure about the accurate figures, so when the time comes, they will see the exact amount of money for these funds. However, the approved new ESTATUT of Catalonia, that was approved last year also by the Spanish parliament, includes a clause that funds for ensuring market competitiveness are to be paid to Catalan government on a yearly basis.

Bill Gates listens as Spanish finance minister Elena Salgado speaks in Washington DC at the launch of a new fund aimed at helping the developing world.

The Spanish president also confirmed the same during a meeting in Albacete, so it seems all of them are confirming no funds will be paid this year to Catalonia. What a total shame! After all the struggles to get a new ESTATUT approved for Catalonia, after all the clauses that we were denied to be included in the Estatut and were to ensure better financing conditions, or definitive recognition of the Catalan nation. What was finally agreed will not be fulfilled either.

Shame on the Spanish government. Shame because this is impoverishing the Catalan nation. Do not the Catalan representatives feel cheated? Are they now regretting not having voted YES last week for declaration of independence? There are enough reasons for everyone to understand that the only way to stop this is becoming a state in Europe, with full competences. In addition, the creation of a new Catalan state would oblige the Catalan administration to generate an effective economic and institutional system, which could only  be improved from previous experience.