Organization/Publication:    Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència (Catalan Solidarity for Independence)

Author: Press department

Date:   6th April 2011

Re:      Demonstration in Barcelona 2nd April to support independence declaration.

This week a friend from Linkedin at the group Friends of Catalunya posted a press notice about the demonstration taken place 2nd April at Plaça Sant Jaume just in front of Barcelona town hall and Palau de la Generalitat. The reason of the demonstration was to support the law of independence and it was promoted by Solidaritat Catalana (Catalan Solidarity): the organization proposed that the national parties ERC, CIU and ICV diputees vote to declare the independence of our nation in the Catalan Parliament. Various members of the Catalan independence coalition were present in the event, among them the major from Barcelona, Santiago Espot.

According to the media, only 800 persons attended the demonstration,since the town police department provided these figures. The main Catalan channel, TV3, did not even comment on the new, and the newspapers and news agencies like Diari Avui or the Catalan News Agency, only dared to publish short press about the demonstration. However, according to Solidaritat Catalana, there were around 3000 attendees. The press notice from the organization (please click this link to read original press notice in Catalan contains a study of attendance of the demonstration last Saturday: based on the surface of Plaça Sant Jaume (2992m2) and real photographs of the demonstration, the organization provides mathematic arguments and formulas that proof a minimum of 2794 and a maximum of 3206 supporters attended the event. It is obvious then the town police of Barcelona is truly underestimating the Catalan independence movement, and of course, they do not seem to be supportive.


Empty A1: 864 m 2

18 m. X 48 m. = 864 m2

Highly Occupied A2: 1200 m 2

40 m. X 30 m. = 1200 m2

Occupied A3: 1200 m 2

50 m. X 10 m. = 500 m2

50 m. X 8 m. = 400 m2

10 m. X 30 m. = 300 m 2

500 m2 + 400 m2 + 3002 m = 1200 m2


(B1) Empty: 864 m 2

0 pax/m2 = 0 pax

(B2) Highly Occupied: 1200 m 2

1’5 pax/m2 X 1200 m2 = 1800 pax

(B3) Occupied: 1200 m 2

1 pax/m2 X 1200 m2 = 1200 pax



0 pax + 1800 pax + 1200 pax = 3000 pax

3000 X 0,102 = 206

Minimum value = 2794 pax

Maximum value = 3206 pax

We all wonder what is the real motivation of an official institution like Barcelona town police for manipulating this data? Why this demonstration has not been further promoted? Why are Catalan politicians so fearful of grabbing the bull by its horns and declare a state of independence? At least we know the political parties will debate for sure about the Law of Independence next week in the parliament, and we are all hoping the national parties will join forces and democratically defeat the Spanish parties.