(A translation from the article “Visca Catalunya lliure!” a la Vanguardia, published in E-NOTíCIES February 2011.)

Mr. Quim Monzó, the polemic and popular Catalan writer is hoping the democratic wave affecting Middle East Islamic countries, should hopefully hit Spain soon… The article starts like this… Few are capable of fully understanding the enigmatic and peculiar humor of Mr.Monzó. He wrote and article in the newspaper “La Vanguardia” with the headline: “Visca Catalunya Lliure!” (Freedom for Catalonia), though he wrote it in Arabian.

The article comments about the events that took place last month with the coach of Girona’s soccer team, Raül Agné, in Huesca’s football field, when two journalists complained to the Catalan coach for not speaking Spanish.  The writer points out the dramatic intolerance from these journalists and reminds that when in Spain a football coach responds in Italian, Dutch or any other, nothing happens. But if someone dares using Catalan, that is inadmissible?!

Mr.Monzó wrote critically: “Any thing that smells like Catalan, seems to activate hatred and xenophobia. It’s not only just another silly story, it’s about no being able to live out of this permanent moral crap. (…) They are plundering our rights, they caused major damaged to our economy and now it’s in deficit; we would be much better now if we would have the financing and funding model that they grant so happily to others; and in addition they keep calling us stingy people!

And then newspapers keep publishing polls about why people that had never consider the independence before, are now seriously taking it into consideration. Let’s trust that the democratic wave that is hitting Islamic countries will spread towards the North-Mediterranean seaside and here, the leader should be Mohamed Jordi…” the Catalan writer added.