The Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona , together with Barcelona Activa and other institutions, has initiated a program to help Catalan ICT companies to increase their abroad presence, and become more competitive internationally.
Starting this January, 9 Catalan ICT companies –among which we find Spenta, Nice People at Work, Linqia, Fluendo, Apesoft, Urbiotica, Justinmind, Inbenta and Mubiquo– will settle down in the prestigious center for at least six months with no cost. They have all been chosen, among 30 selected companies, by Barcelona’s Chamber of Commerce, Barcelona Activa and a network of experts in Plug&Play. “From 2008, several experts in Plug&Play, together with Venture Capital Enterprises visit Barcelona twice a year to look for technological companies that could be interesting for Plug&Play Techcenter. This year, 30 ICT companies were detected. After analyzing their business model, the markets they operate in and, above all, the type of technology they develop, we chose nine”, declared Mr.Lluch, responsible for this program at the Chamber of Commerce of Bacelona.
The Catalan capital must be proud of having achieved such an important milestone in the ICT business, by having the first institution present at Plug & Play Techcenter. As a result of this experience, other countries like Austria, Canada, Singapore, Egypt or Finland have followed this model that pursuits that all chosen companies have the best conditions to expand their businesses in the United States.