Freedom for Catalonia!


April 2011

An independent Catalonia would avoid more budget cuts in only 2 months!

According to the economist Mr.Salvador García , the 10% budget cut of the Catalan government (Generalitat de Catalunya) is equivalent to 54 days of the Spanish fiscal spoil that Catalonia is suffering at the moment. The scholar calculates the budgets... Continue Reading →

Joan Crexells, a visionary in the XXth century

Joan Crexells was born at the end of the XIX century and studied language, philosophy and other humanities in several universities in Barcelona province. At a very young age he joined Catalan republican intellectual associations, and further on, their political... Continue Reading →

Catalan language for business

Transition memories: in the open air

AUTHOR: VÍCTOR ALEXANDRE Published at: 17th April 2011 Title: L'Espanya dels catalanistes We should deeply thank Patrícia Gabancho for deciding to publish some of her political life experiences as a Catalan independence activist during 1976-1978 at Catalonia, after  two... Continue Reading →


Essay published permanently at  Authors: Xavier Sala-i-Martin, Columbia University and UPF * THIS SCRIPT WAS PREPARED FOR A CONFERENCE AT THE ÒMNIUM CULTURAL * <<Once upon a time, there was a country with a population of 6 million, with... Continue Reading →

Barcelona, number 1 cruise port in Europe!

Barcelona becomes first cruise ship port in Europe and the Mediterranean Sea Published at Catalan News Agency 18th April 2011 / Ignacio Portela Giráldez Barcelona (ACN).- "Step by step, Barcelona is becoming an important port of call for cruise ships... Continue Reading →

The Spanish administration denies to pay previously agreed funds of 1.450 milion Euros to Catalonia

New published 17th April  at The Vice-President of Economy from the Spanish government, Elena Salgado,declared yesterday while visiting Washington to TV3 (Catalan national TV)  that their administration has no legal obligation now to pay  the 1.450 milion Euros agreed... Continue Reading →

Health:the Spanish administration owes 62 million Euro to Catalonia

Today the newspaper Avui has published another new that will make Catalans upset... "Spain owes us 62 million Euro for all the people who come here to get medical treatment" Boi Ruiz, Minister of Health of Generalitat de Catalunya, declared ... Continue Reading →

Catalan revenge…

Catalan Revenge (Venjança Catalana) is the name given to the wars that took place between the Companyia Catalana d’Orient against the Greek people during the Bizantium Imperium from 1305 to 1307. It seems the horror caused in the Greek population... Continue Reading →

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