Today the Catalan newspaper AVUI has published a very concerning new: the Spanish Falangist people are verbally attacking  those who publicly support the initiative of the non-official referendum for Catalonia independence, taking place at the moment in various towns along Catalan territory, but specially in Barcelona city.

The Spanish Falangists, which are the “leftovers” of the XX century dictatorship, have just published a declaration directly accusing the platform “Barcelona decideix!” that their voting procedure is not reliable and that people can vote as many times as they like, whereas  they started spreading a very concerning and insulting video about it in the internet

Well, can we use this to force an OFFICIAL referendum with the Spanish government? I mean, at the end of the day, if they complain that counting methods for voting in the non-official referendum already in place are not reliable enough, why does not the Spanish government allow this to be an OFFICIAL process with an electoral roll, with registered voters?? Furthermore, and taking into account the current international law, is it legal to deny an OFFICIAL REFERENDUM?????

For a moment, let’s imagine the international community and its political organizations (UNO, NATO, etc.) would receive the new that the most productive crude-oil province of Iraq wants to become independent and install a capitalist secular democracy; but the central government denies an official referendum to take place. We can be all certain, UNO troops would go into Iraq territory to force the referendum to take place officially, disregarding everything else.

During the XIX century, and beginning of the XX century too, countries lost their colonies in other continents. Hence we saw how Finland was becoming independent of Sweden by the 1809 and later from Russia at the 1917. Iceland became a democratic state in 1944 as Denmark let them go, and Icelandic economy recovered miraculously since then. But even before, Spain had to allow independence in Mexico,(1821), Cuba(1900), or Venezuela (1821), like the British lost Hong Kong or Australia, like the French allowed Congo to become a estate…

However, Catalans are not considered in the world. Our claims are not heard and the situation is getting worse. Would it be different if we would have certain amount of natural resources, like crude oil, gold, etc? Are we really not having any chance that the international community supports the Catalan people at all?? What do  Catalan people have to do so that the rest of the worlds listens and understands, once and for all: WE WANT TO BE INDEPENDENT!