Barcelona decideix” (“Barcelona decides!”) is a platform which is focused into promoting the non-official referendum which is taking place along catalan territory, but in this case, they take care only of  Barcelona city campaign.

In order to obtain abroad support, the international team of “Barcelona decideix” went to New York last week with two main purposes: one, to introduce the platform to the Catalan community resident in the United States; second, and most important, to meet worldwide representatives at UNO and other international organizations and made them aware of the current situation in the  Catalan country.

Some of the people living temporarily in NY but that are resident in Barcelona, were also given the chance to vote in the  referendum. However, this initiative is totally isolated, as the promoters of the non-official referendum for independence have not taken the same measures all over the world. Mostly, it would have been necessary to provide with the opportunity to vote to those Catalans living in Europe, disregarding whether they are registered in Barcelona district or in any other from he Catalan territory.

Unfortunately for us, the rest of Catalans living abroad we did not have the chance to vote for our independence at all!!!

However, we hope the meeting with UNO representatives was successful. According to the platform, they met with Laura Vaccari, in charge of the decolonization unit at UNO; Giorgia Passarelli, responsible for High Commissioners of Human Rights in Europe; and finally, Melissa Mark-Viverito, democrat city council at NY.  It is obvious the intention is to made these organizations aware of what is truly going on right now between Catalonia and Spain, most specially financially. The international team of “Barcelona decides!” did not pretend to complaint, but to let the world know that Catalan people are mature enough to exercise our self-determination.

Never forget the very first statement of the International Human Rights Declaration followed by UNO is: all nations have the right of  self-determination.