3rd of March the Welsh celebrated an official referendum to ask their people if the Welsh Assembly should be entitled to take care of all the Welsh laws, independently of the UK government: over a 63% vote yes! It is indeed a good new, however, it also remarks the pitiful conditions of the Catalan country. So the United Kingdom is proving to be a multi-national state  fully respecting the competences of the nations that compose it, not like Spain.

According  Mr.Jonqueras. euro-diputate of ERC (Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya-Left Wing Republican Independent Party), Scotland and Wales have more secure “armor-plated” conditions as nations inside the UK, than Catalonia with Spain. Furthermore, he believes the Spanish Constitutional Court intervention during the remake of the Catalan “Estatut” (the Catalan statute of autonomy) seriously damaged Catalan competences and autonomy.

So we see, in a century when a democratic monarchy like the UK, which still does not let go Northern Ireland, is able to evolve and offer full autonomy to the nations under UK administration, allowing an official referendums to take place. But Spain does not want to evolve at all: they keep with their  already-outdated-early-20th-century-imperialist mentality and force everyone else into it.  They do not let Basque or Catalans to be independent neither they respect the Catalan autonomy.