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March 2011

The Spanish Falangist movement attacks catalans!

Today the Catalan newspaper AVUI has published a very concerning new: the Spanish Falangist people are verbally attacking  those who publicly support the initiative of the non-official referendum for Catalonia independence, taking place at the moment in various towns along... Continue Reading →

The platform “Barcelona decides!” visits UNO at New York

"Barcelona decideix" ("Barcelona decides!") is a platform which is focused into promoting the non-official referendum which is taking place along catalan territory, but in this case, they take care only of  Barcelona city campaign. In order to obtain abroad support,... Continue Reading →

Scotland and Wales have better exclusive conditions than Catalonia!

3rd of March the Welsh celebrated an official referendum to ask their people if the Welsh Assembly should be entitled to take care of all the Welsh laws, independently of the UK government: over a 63% vote yes! It is... Continue Reading →

Catalans are not Spanish

An adaptation of a fragment of the book "Despullant Espanya" (Undressing Spain) by Víctor Alexandre (pages 41.-45) published permanently at Catalan people are not Spanish, for the same reason that Spanish are not Catalans. It seems unbelievable that such... Continue Reading →

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