CATALONIA: ROADMAP TO INDEPENDENCE - Many unwise voices keep shouting that independence movement in Catalonia is dead or about to be, yet despite those DOA misperceptions, last elections on the 28th of April for the Spanish parliament proved that there is a clear majority of... Continue Reading →
PARALLEL REALITIES AT THE SPANISH SUPREME COURT - Follow-up on the unfair trial to Catalan politicians At Madrid’s Spanish Supreme Court there is a serious case of abnormal parallel realities happening these days during the trial to Catalan politicians. Like in Stranger Things Netflix success, depending on the... Continue Reading →
Unfair trial for Catalan politicians - The perception in Catalonia by independence supporters is that on this trial they are judging not only our representatives, but the over 2 million people who voted in the referendum. This trial is not yet vengeance, but a repressive intent to reprimand, to show how they punish the exercise the right for self-determination of any people within the Spanish state.
WHERE IS THE WORLDWIDE SOLIDARITY and SUPPORT? - In this world that we live in, with all the media bombing us with news, I understand it’s indeed difficult to find some time and show some solidarity to the Catalan issue, taking into account we are not that bad,... Continue Reading →
FREEDOM IS COMING - Next 1st October Catalan people will vote for independence in a long-time-due binding referendum. While corrupted Spanish government keeps on breaching democracy by saying it is anti democratic to vote, taking Catalan parliament representatives unfairly to trial, using justice for... Continue Reading →
This will end well (or not) - An adaptation of the article written in Catalan by Toni Aira for the newspaper “elMón”. These days there is some kind of collective uncertainty which is natural to the political challenge that we Catalan people have in front of us.... Continue Reading →
INDEPENDENCE AT LAST? - Yesterday I received a memorandum as a member of the National Catalan Assembly declaring absolute agreement with the proposal of resolution presented by the new elected Catalan parliament members defending independence (integrated by people from 3 different parties, 1 more... Continue Reading →
REPORTING DICTATORSHIP METHODS FROM THE SPANISH GOVERNMENT - Since plebiscite elections took place last 27th September in Catalonia, still we do  not have either a president of Generalitat or declared independence, despite a majority was reached in the parliament. For the last weeks we have witnessed Artur Mas... Continue Reading →
THE ONLY WAY OUT - I call on to all the people in the world who truly believe and stand up for democracy: please support the right for self-determination from the Catalan people. I know many of you come to our country as tourists and... Continue Reading →
Why should you support the independence of Catalonia? - In the last 200 years, the world has seen lots of new countries being born. Most of them became independent after a civil war, others as a result of WW1 or WW2. Very few, like Iceland, can be proud to... Continue Reading →


Translation of Mr Lluís Companys’ (president of Generalitat) discourse to the people of Catalonia on the 30th March 1938 - This discourse has been recently recovered by Generalitat from the general military archives in Ávila amongst other important documentation that was being kept in Spain. They were initially confiscated by the Gestapo in 1940 from the Paris office Generalitat had... Continue Reading →
Franco’s cultural genocide against Catalonia - “We are like we are because Franco’s dictatorship has made us so”. (An article written by Quim Torra and published at El Singular Digital on October 8th 2012). If in the past centuries, the Spanish used to bomb Barcelona every... Continue Reading →
Defiance - Why don’t Catalans defy Spain once and for all? Sooner or later we will have to say NO to Spain… (An adaptation of the opinion article written by Pilar Rahola in La Vanguardia 19th July 2012) I would like to... Continue Reading →
“The independence of Catalonia is closer than we think”. -  “We will be independent, I don’t know if it will happen in some months or in few years, but it will be soon”.  “We need a well-prepared team of women and men that know how find allies in Europe while... Continue Reading →
100.000 kW of powerlessness - (A translation of the article written by Víctor Alexandre and published in El Singular 30th May 2012) If the Catalan media would dedicate to our country right to independence, the same attention they have given lately to Esperanza Aguirre –... Continue Reading →
When a democratic aspiration becomes a majority - During the last year, the political and social movement within Catalonia defending our country’s right to self-determination has not lessen but has become stronger and more organized. Despite for one year I have neglected my obligations to this blog and... Continue Reading →
The genuine Catalan revolution - “It is not nationalism to feel the vital necessity to defend oneself from someone that domineers you; true nationalism is just the imposition of a unique idea to sustain domination” Víctor Alexandre Published in El Singular Digital 24/05/2011   The... Continue Reading →
Catalan revenge… - Catalan Revenge (Venjança Catalana) is the name given to the wars that took place between the Companyia Catalana d’Orient against the Greek people during the Bizantium Imperium from 1305 to 1307. It seems the horror caused in the Greek population... Continue Reading →
Polemic Mr. Monzó… - (A translation from the article “Visca Catalunya lliure!” a la Vanguardia, published in E-NOTíCIES February 2011.) Mr. Quim Monzó, the polemic and popular Catalan writer is hoping the democratic wave affecting Middle East Islamic countries, should hopefully hit Spain soon…... Continue Reading →